These Dogs






The only things wrong with dogs are people.
We have a contract where they desire only
us: our company and their bliss the same.

These mutts, or pure-breds, are our spirits,
civilized for a moment, otherwise our low
and high freedom to do as we would and please.

We send them off to roam the world, we
eagerly await their return: our ambassadors
soliciting praise and pleasure from others.

You do not own your spirit, you create this
from rags and bones, from balls thrown high:
the sense grown to a great sophistication.

What you abandon, beat and strangle, often
torture and eventually murder is a repeat:
you have not overcome that terrible nature.

Off the leash as we are all, you become more,
canine or human creature: these dogs you call
to your home are all you need to love and know.

©Dean J. Baker

-* all the above pictured dogs have shared their lives with me

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