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As if there weren’t enough reasons already to own this book – see Reviews, where there are reviews of Dark Earth, and many of my other books – here’s the latest review in full.

I read a lot, of poetry, and, well, everything I can find. I’ve now read three of Dean’s books, and can honestly say I know of NO modern writer, still alive, or dead, who writes with such honesty, such power, and, such erudition. He has an innate, deep understanding of human nature, which comes across clearly, in both the simplest, and most complex of his poems… Add in a strong sense of humor and irony, a dash of Reality, a rather curmudgeonly love of people in general, and you have something special, in each one you read….

I’m about half-done with this book; I like to read them and savor…. They’re well worth it. IMLTHO, Dean’s books will someday be required reading for anyone who studies literature, poetry, or, human artistry…..Every one of his books is a bargain, at whatever price you pay….

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